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Tue Dec 2 03:25:35 UTC 2014

I went to this today and it was everything promised and then some. Today 
was one of the very few holistic looks at the situation in Oklahoma -- 
housing, transportation, food, health care, mental care, well ness 

it repeats on Thursday in Tulsa, and my advice to folks up there is to 


And it's free!  Dinner was $8 and it was catered by Katie Plohocky of 
Tulsa Real Good Food and it was Very Delicious, much of it was sourced 
locally.  Dinner was a serious bargain. Kale/quinoa/tangerine salad, a 
winter root salad, roasted sweet potatoes with a citrus sauce, chicken 
salad, a variety of local cheese, a bulgar salad.

Bob Waldrop, Okie City

On 11/20/2014 8:32 PM, Bob Waldrop wrote:
> I think this is going to be a very important event and I am making 
> time in my schedule to go.  Health care for low income and uninsured 
> people is a big issue in this state. There's a possibility that 
> because Oklahoma does not have its own health care exchange, that 
> subsidies for health insurance premiums may be banned by the Supreme 
> Court.  This will make our bad situation even worse.  Our health care 
> system structurally discriminates against those who don't have 
> insurance and pay cash.  I recently attempted to arrange a doctor's 
> appointment with my orthopedic surgeon for someone who did not have 
> health insurance that that doctor did business with.  The price?  
> $350.  My price?  $35 co-pay plus the insurance pays about $100.  So 
> the doc is happy to see me for about $135, but wants $350 from my 
> uninsured friend? That kind of evil discrimination is considered 
> business as usual in health care.
> I don't know what the solution is, but I know if we don't work on it, 
> the default situation will be a continual move towards a system of 
> ample health care for the top 20%, and little to nothing for the other 
> 80%.
> Please forward this news on to others.
> Bob Waldrop, Okie City
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> Tulsa, Dec 4
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> Please forward to others, thank you.
> Special Thanks to Katie Plohocky and to the Tulsa County Wellness 
> Partnership/Daphne Gaulden!
> Katie is serving dinner in OKC and Tulsa, register by tomorrow, 
> November 21 if you wish to eat dinner at these Summits.
> In Tulsa, healthy snacks and refreshments sponsored by the Tulsa 
> County Wellness Partnership!
> WE hope you will participate. There are greater numbers of health and 
> faith representatives attending.  WE would like to see more from the 
> other sectors as well.
> Register for OKC or Tulsa.  If you wish to attend from a satellite 
> location on December 1^st , please open flyers to see specific Career 
> Technology Centers who will be hosting that day.
> Marisa New, MPH, OTR
> Oklahoma Public Health Association
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