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Try American Farmers and Ranchers mutual liability insurance. My friend
uses the agent in Locust Grove....I don't know where you are located
though....Hope this helps. Melissa Bennett

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chelliebea at aol.com wrote:

 This is great!  Thank you so much!!

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anichini-moore at live.com writes:

You can check out Campbell's Risk Management (Liability) Insurance, a
national insurer for farmers.  I believe their basic policy for farmers is
$275 annually that scales up with higher sales.  Their rate for Farmers
Market Liability insurance is $250 annually.

I've copied Larry at Campbell's so you may contact him directly by
e-mail.  They are most helpful.


Kathy Moore, Owner
Anichini Moore Ranch & Farm
Phone: (405) 823-8295
Founder:  OK Composting Council

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I am a little bit confused. You may decide to carry product liability
coverage on your product...for example if some one buys your eggs and
claims they got sick and sues for medical bills. But property insurance
covers structures and damage to the structure,etc. I believe they are two
separate things....although I do not have an insurance or legal background.
You may want check with a commercial or farm insurance agency. Melissa

chelliebea at aol.com wrote:

  We are losing property insurance coverage on the farm because the company
says there needs to be product liability insurance for the eggs in case
someone gets sick from the eggs and sues the farm.  Doesn't make sense to
us since they don't cover that anyway!!  We use an independent agent who
has checked numerous outlets and can not find anything.  One broker
suggested asking an association we might belong to and see if they know of

Soooo....does anyone have or know of a company to cover product liability
for eggs?

She has also checked with numerous companies for other coverage and so far
there is not one that will cover anything to do with poultry so they would
not cover our coops, boxes, etc.  As our agent says, this is NOT the year
of the chicken!!!

I would appreciate any suggestions or input!!

Lakeview Farm
Chellie Bea
918 440-9999


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