[Ok-sus] Ridley and the highway debt kings start off their push for more money with a BANG!

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Ridley and the highway lobby start their inevitable push for "MORE MONEY" with a bang!

Tell your friends what's going on here, folks!

Big trucks still pay 3 cents less per gallon of their fuel than automobiles pay. Oklahoma government has STILL never once in its history performed a comprehensive HIGHWAY COST ALLOCATION STUDY to authoritatively establish what each class of vehicles using state roads now pays versus what each should be paying.

Could YOU run a business this way?

Could YOU keep up 10 miles of hyper-expensive expressway without knowing what to charge each user -- and then making certain that each paid accordingly?

Note with me that the heavy truck that must pay at least 18.2 cents per mile to use the Turner Turnpike likely gets away with paying less than 3 cents a mile to use the state's "FREE ROADS."

Now you know why they call 'em "free." They're free to the mighty trucking industry -- and the taxpayers get stuck with the bill coming and going.

Where have the rocket-scientist / debt kings at ODOT BEEN since the Nance Bridge between Purcell and Lexington was built in 1938? Well, you see -- they've been doing "important stuff" -- like tearing up the I-40 Crosstown Bridge in downtown OKC, built in 1966 -- and replacing it with a four-mile mess which they conveniently routed directly through the state's magnificent rail passenger center at OKC Union Station. Yep. It was only supposed to cost "$236 million." Then it was only -- no really -- going to cost $350 million. Today, however, the cost is up nearer ONE BILLION DOLLARS (four miles of roadway) -- and it's not even finished yet.

Oh -- yeah -- and the Union Station rail center, along with the historic, direct, former Frisco rail line to Will Rogers World Airport from downtown -- is also destroyed.

BNSF Railway helped 'em pull that one off -- and now ODOT owes BNSF -- so it's trying to give the mega-monopoly back the rail line between OKC and Tulsa, clearly as a quid pro quo for the lies and misrepresentations it made to cover ODOT's needless destruction of OKC Union Station's 12-track-wide, 8-block-long, at-grade rail passenger yard.

It's time for the citizens of Oklahoma to speak up -- for reform ensuring righteous cost recovery from all vehicles using state roads -- and for taking our precious, state-owned rail assets away from the highway-debt-kings at ODOT before they either sell off or destroy ALL of them.

Tom Elmore
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gtelmore at aol.com
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