[Ok-sus] Waldrop receives Permaculture Diploma

Paula Brennecke paulabren at cableone.net
Tue Feb 4 21:28:14 UTC 2014

Congratulations!!!! . . . You certainly have every right to be proud.

Paula Brennecke



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The Permaculture Institute of the US has awarded me a Permaculture Diploma in Education, Community Service, Research, Media, and Finance. . 

. "conferring all the rights, privileges, and honors appertaining hereto as a Permaculture Diplomat, in testimony whereof the mentors and Board of the Permaculture Institute on recommendation therein it has granted this Diploma in recognition of the impeccable work and ethical standards of the recipient."


I realize this is kind of "tooting my own horn" but oh well, I am very proud to receive this diploma.


It arrived in today's mail.


Bob Waldrop, OKC



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