[Ok-sus] Sunday, February 9 - EASTERN FLYER a knockout!

Paul Muegge paulmueggecoline at aol.com
Tue Feb 11 17:31:19 UTC 2014

I applaud you for your dedication and longtime work to secure passenger rail for Oklahoma. Have been visiting with Gary Lanman from Ponca City.  Tom, I have no influence with the Capitol folks and ODOT these days. They live in a different world than when I served in the Oklahoma Senate. Wish you well and  tell Ed Ellis hello. Senator Paul Muegge

Paul Muegge
paulmueggecoline at aol.com

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Subject: [Ok-sus] Sunday, February 9 - EASTERN FLYER a knockout!

Yesterday's inaugural EASTERN FLYER demonstration was nearly miraculous.

Imagine it. 300 passengers. A full train. A perfect run -- nice ride. So nice, in fact, that

most passengers likely never noticed "all those curves" in the line -- the bugaboo
the "big rail experts at ODOT" always discuss.

The potential for increased speed was apparent to all, I'd say.

The opportunities possible for a committed, quality rail passenger operator (such as
Iowa Pacific Holdings, expertly run by CEO Ed Ellis...) -- were also quite apparent.

If you have not written AND called Governor Mary Fallin's office (as well as your 
state legislators) to express your view of ODOT's determination to effectively give the
former Frisco rail line between OKC and Tulsa back to mega-monopoly BNSF, please 
do so at your earliest opportunity.

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