[Ok-sus] best natural home building methods/materials for Oklahoma?

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What did you use to seal the cedar?
Julie Gahn

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I have designed and participated in the building of a straw bale house in Norman that is about as natural as it gets.  The structure is post and beam and the posts are Oklahoma grown cedar that have been stripped of branches and bark and sealed.  They are beautiful.  It did use laminated beams and wood trusses with a metal roof.   It has a mud floor that has been sealed and it is quite energy efficient with lots of natural light.  If you want to see it call me and you can go look at it.  It’s in Norman and I live in Norman.   405-919-8242
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Have you seen any articles on cob home construction?   If you’re in an area with lots of trees, that might be a possibility.
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I've been researching natural building methods such as adobe, straw bale, rammed earth, aerated concrete, etc.  I'm interested in building a small home that is as energy efficient as possible using natural or at least non-toxic materials. However, I have not found much specific to Oklahoma. Does anyone here know where I could find out more about this subject? Are there any groups or websites specific to natural homes in Oklahoma?
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