[Ok-sus] Fwd: OKC Neighborhoods Host Mayoral Debate

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Wed Feb 26 04:59:53 UTC 2014

OKLAHOMA CITY --- --- Sixteen Oklahoma City neighborhood associations 
will host a mayoral debate at 7 p.m., Wednesday, February 26, at 
Westminster School, Oklahoma City. At least three of the four mayoral 
candidates will attend. They are Dr. Ed Shadid, a Ward 2 City Councilman 
and spine surgeon; Phil Hughes, a retired engineer and Joe Nelson, a 
Vietnam Veteran and retired member of the armed forces.

According to forum organizer Alice Parker, an invitation was 
hand-delivered to Mick Cornett's office, but he has not responded. In 
recent weeks, Cornett said he would not debate.

"We...believe that neighborhood associations are the democratic 
grass-roots of the community," Parker summarized in a Facebook notice 
about the event. "Therefore, it is incumbent upon us to provide a venue 
for our members to hear directly from the candidates themselves. Their 
ideas on the issues, their future plans for OKC as well as the 
all-important opportunity to just meet and 'size up their future leader 
in the flesh.'

"Several critical issues face our city with significantly different 
solutions being offered. We are at a vital juncture in growth and 
development; we need a strong and effective leader as our mayor, one 
unafraid to discuss the issues.

Westminster School is located at 600 NW 44th Street in Oklahoma City.

*Participating Neighborhood Associations*

Central Park


Glen Oaks

Grand Pointe


Helm Farm


Mayfair Heights

Mesta Park

River Bend Estates



Shepherd Historic


Wilshire Ridge

Zachary Taylor

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