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PS.  A FB group would be easier to promote and get attention with. I can
make a flyer that can be copied.  Also we could hand out flyers on the
buses.  And at the downtown transit center.


And maybe even eventually a website.


Bob Waldrop, OKC


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I am hoping most participants in this list are interested somewhat in public


Many of you may know that OKC recently made a number of changes to the bus
system, and many changes were in the right direction. 


Of course, there were negative impacts in some neighborhoods. 


I feel that most people who need or want to ride a bus have pretty much no
voice. Yes, there were some hearings conducted before the big makeover, and
I do think some things were tweaked a little bit in response to some
comments from hearings. But, for the most part, most fellow riders I know
feel that since one never sees the mayor or city council representatives on
the bus, or for that matter, any of the Embark  (formerly Metro Transit)
higher echelon, the decisions are made with little regard for impact on
everyday riders.


So, I am wondering if there would be a good reason to start a Yahoo group or
Facebook page for patrons of the OKC bus system. The reason I am asking is:

            some may feel there are plenty of venues for such discussions

            since it is uncertain how many riders are computer-literate or
have access to computers, I would need help to get the word out that the
group / Facebook page / whatever exists, and these lists might be a place to
find a few interested in the bus.


So, let me know what you think about this. Might be possible to put up a
flyer or two in local libraries to attract some people. If there is
absolutely nowhere people can get together to share gripes, concerns, and
strategies, there is little hope for any chance of change.



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