[Ok-sus] Saying "no way" to the new utility solar surcharge

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Yay! An environmental group and individuals are thinking big about this rather than as one large statewide one is doing writing laughable damage control and spin-oriented op eds on why things aren't supposedly so bad after all. Oklahoma's initiative and referendum process is underutilized to go around the legislature when bad law is made. Time to move to change that.

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>I've echoed this to several FB groups. People are asking for an online
>version. gopetition.com is the site being used by the Payne County
>Anti-Fracking group and looks nice.
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>> In this past session of the legislature, the legislators passed a bill that 
>> allows the utilities to add a connect charge for homeowners who invest in 
>> solar or wind generator power and are tied to the grid.  Governor Fallin 
>> signed it.
>> This is an unfair and unnecessary "tax" that benefits private interests.
>> I am part of a petition campaign to demand a referendum on this law.  Please 
>> go to our FB page, like and share, and volunteer to help with the petition 
>> campaign!  We need 1000 people who will get 100 signatures in the next 2 
>> months!
>> All over the country the fossil fuel industry is attacking people who invest 
>> in renewable energy.  It's time to fight back before it gets worse here in 
>> Oklahoma.
>> https://www.facebook.com/NOSQ772
>> Bob Waldrop, OKC
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>> the realities of peak oil, economic irrationality, political criminality, and 
>> peak oil.
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