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the bill goes to the corporation commission now so I think there are a couple of months, I don't know really. 

Just to clear up some things on the discussion. Most of the solar installations do not have batteries, they do not provide 100 percent of the power for your home but when the sun is out they help offset power that you would buy, and this is at near peak time so it is good for the utilities as well to shave their peak demand. you still get a bill it is just not as much, the utilities really dont pay you for the energy it just keeps you from buying more so it is kind of a savings. Net metering means that if at anytime you are making more than you use and it goes back through your meter to your neighbors energy then they the utility will give you credit at full retail for this energy. in reality this does not happen much, unless you have a larger system, most of the energy you produce you use. 

why are most utilities installing solar systems themselves if it did not benefit them? when the grid goes down, so does the solar and this feature is built into the inverter that the customer installs, nothing to do with the utility, it does not cost them a cent to be safe, they have specifications that the inverter must meet and for added safety we put in a lockable visible gap disconnect. 

I like to compare this to someone driving on our roads and paying the taxes for gas. if you have a gas guzzler you pay more for gas and more tax. if you have a prius or other energy efficient car, should you pay more per gallon because you are using less? people would laugh at such a thing, but this is exactly what this bad bill does, punish the people who are investing in clean energy, the very people who are helping solve the problem are being punished. 

who stands to gain? the coal and natural gas industry, and the utilities. 

John Miggins 
jmiggins at cox.net 
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A potentially useful article: How Solar Is Cutting Grid Costs 

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> John, What is the deadline? 
> On 4/25/14, 2:11 PM, John Miggins wrote: 
>> This is part of a national movement funded by big coal and others, I 
>> have been told the Koch Brothers who feel threatened by solar that 
>> might eat into their coal sales. 
>> I personally have always been one who advocates that we need all kinds 
>> of energy including coal, even though it has a huge affect on our air, 
>> health and water. It is time to take the gloves off I believe and 
>> stand up for our rights as individuals to demand that our "government" 
>> do the bidding of the people not the corporations or wealthy. 
>> One solutions for those concerned is to go solar now, and we have 
>> small packages starting at $1500 to get you in under the deadline. 
>> All energy is solar, oil, coal, wind, biomass, are all the stored 
>> energy of the sun or the suns impact on the weather, far better to use 
>> the energy directly as it is given to us than wait to dig it up and 
>> burn it years later. 
>> Does Oklahoma have to be last in everything progressive? 
>> John Miggins 
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>> Rachel Maddow was giving Oklahoma heck for this travesty the other 
>> night. But how many Oklahomans watch her show? 
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>> Here is what I posted on Facebook when a friend asked of my reaction: 
>> People like their freedoms. While there is a valid concern for 
>> interconnecting on-site power generation to the grid, it is done 
>> routinely with diesel and propane power generators. Solar power or 
>> wind power is not much different. There is a switch, which is mandated 
>> by codes. --- You know, some people, especially farmers, will just go 
>> off-grid totally. --- Oklahoma utilities are concerned that small 
>> scale renewables will compete with them. That is true. They will 
>> compete. And you either adapt, or lose. If utilities do not adapt, 
>> they will lose. --- Short-term, this will slow down implementation of 
>> on-site power. 
>> Go off-grid when you can! 
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>> Is anyone else upset about the new fees that are now going to be 
>> assessed onOklahomansthat havesolar or wind energy?This legislature is 
>> not in touch with reality. How and why are they penalizing me for 
>> trying tobe more sustainable, not to mention to have a source of 
>> energy when the grid is down?I am located in a very rural area.I spent 
>> over $6000 to have a smallsolar powersystem thatprovides electricity 
>> to a portion of my cabin, Itallows me to keep functioning when the 
>> grid is down.Just this week the grid was down in my area for almost 
>> fourhours. No storms, no explanations.But, now that same 
>> utilitycompany will have the right to charge me a monthly fee because 
>> I have solar panels on my roof! 
>> I called my state representative and senator as well as others toask 
>> them not to vote for this bill. I hope others were doing the same. 
>> What I fear is that thisterrible billwas passed through both houses 
>> and signed by the governor today in such a slick,quiet way that most 
>> people probably don't even know it has happened. I keep waiting for 
>> the outrage butso far, I'm not seeing or hearing any coverage. 
>> What's up with this?I'm about ready to drive to the capitol and go 
>> office to office registering my displeasure with the entire 
>> place.Although,I fear that I would end up in jail andthenwho would be 
>> here tomilk the goatsthat night? 
>> Vicke- One really unhappy Oklahoman 
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