[Ok-sus] Underground greenhouses

Kelley C Smith smithkc at riskiii.com
Sun Nov 2 19:18:21 UTC 2014

Oooohhhh, I like it. Could I just sort of move into one of these?

On Nov 1, 2014, at 6:45 PM, Bob Waldrop <bob at bobwaldrop.net> wrote:

> http://waldenlabs.com/ancient-shelters-you-can-build-cheap/
> OK, this isn't the housing discussion list, lol, but #15 on the list is an underground greenhouse, the walipini.  Looks like the walls are 6-8' dug into the ground, with plastic over the top held up by poles, growing food in the ground.
> A design and construction manual.
> http://www.the-meal.net/graph/manuel_walipina_benson.pdf
> Pit greenhouses
> http://www.inspirationgreen.com/pit-greenhouses.html
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