[Ok-sus] What do you think of cloned beef?

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This is in effect trying to improve the fabric in the deck chairs on the Titanic (on the first class deck). Given the catastrophic global issues that face us this is the last thing on earth we should be doing...improving a luxury item that has a huge contribution to greenhouse gasses is nuts. "They" will start telling us this is how we will feed 9-11 billion people...NOT.

My fundamental question is how does one ride down a major contraction if not the collapse of civilization while keeping ones feet on the ground and trying not to succumb to despair?

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I know that my customers will not touch the stuff with a ten foot pole. If GMO's are on their Satan list,  then I suspect Cloning will be right next to it, if not in front.

For what reason do we need this wonderful meat? So fast food joints can say they have prime hamburgers? They ride the black angus shirt tail now.  And its still proven to be crap food. Maybe they think it will cure the hunger crisis? Most people don't understand that our below poverty cant afford real food now, they eat empty calories, and are still hungry. But lets not focus on producing real food for real people and show them how to maintain healthy eating habits. Lets spend our efforts cloning livestock to produce meat that's not needed. There's plenty of meat in the USA and the people who really need it don't care if its prime or not, just if they can afford to eat it.

Personally, I think is against all things natural in life. It doesn't really do anything for the food system and underlay ridicules. But lets give them a pat on the backs for creating something God couldn't seem to do. Incase you didn't catch the sarcasm in that last statement let me spell it out. NOT!!!! Down off my soap box now.

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A professor at West Texas A&M University found a beef carcass of unusually high quality (prime yield grade 1). Only .03 % of the beef population has this quality. The carcass was cloned producing four fertile animals, one male and three female. The goal is for the off-spring to become a new cattle breed with very high quality carcasses.  Any thoughts regarding sustainability?

[WTAMU students with cloned bulls]

Progressive Cattleman - West Texas A&M University project clones YG1 carcass<http://www.progressivecattle.com/topics/reproduction/6498-west-texas-a-m-university-project-clones-yg1-carcass>

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