[Ok-sus] Oklahoma Food Coop opposes "Right to Harm Farms" constitutional proposal

Bob Waldrop bob at bobwaldrop.net
Fri Apr 3 15:40:36 UTC 2015


1305 SW 2^nd , Oklahoma City 73108, 405.605.8088 president at oklahomafood.coop

*For immediate use, April 3, 2015*

For more information contact Bob Waldrop, 405-200-8155

*Oklahoma's Largest Farm-to-Customer Organization*

*Opposes HJR 1012 "Right to Harm" Constitutional Proposal*

With nearly 5,000 members, the Oklahoma Food Cooperative is the largest 
farm to customer organization in the State. We were the first food Coop 
in the United States to only sell locally grown and made food and 
non-food items. In business since 2003, we make it easy for customers to 
buy food directly from farmers via an innovative online ordering system 
coupled with a mostly volunteer delivery system that operates 50 pickup 
sites around the state.

*Because of our long-standing support of family farms, we oppose HJR 
1012,* the so-called "Right to Farm" amendment to the Oklahoma 
Constitution, which has passed the House and is awaiting action in the 
Senate next week. This legislation guarantees large corporations a right 
to harm Oklahoma’s traditional family farm way of life, stopping us in 
the future from having reasonable safeguards to protect our drinking 
water, farm animals and rural neighbors.” Thus, a more accurate nickname 
for this proposal would be “Right to Harm.”

(1) The “Right to Farm” bill shields industrial agriculture from the 
democratic process. It would largely prevent voters and legislators from 
making reforms that would benefit food safety, animal welfare and the 
quality of our air and water. No other industry is given, or deserves, 
blanket protection from commonsense regulations.

(2) Oklahoma farmers and ranchers already have the right to farm as they 
have for generations.

(3) Large agribusiness corporations—including ones owned by foreign 
conglomerates—would benefit the most from this measure, as their 
contract producers would be unencumbered from many commonsense 
regulations about what they can do to Oklahoma’s land, air and water.

The proposal may also impact the ability of cities and towns to regulate 
the keeping of farm animals within city limits.

We call upon the State Senate to reject this unnecessary legislation 
which will likely cause more problems than it will resolve. We call upon 
our members to contact their state senators to urge them to vote against 
HJR 1012.

The Board of Directors of the Oklahoma Food Cooperative approved this 
statement on April 2, 2015.


P.S. You can find your state senator's contact info at 
http://www.oksenate.gov/FindMyLegislature.aspx . Fill in your address, 
then scroll down past the federal info to the state and look for your 
STATE senator.

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