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Temur Akhmedov okenergysavers at live.com
Fri Feb 13 02:23:31 UTC 2015

Greetings sustainability brethren!

A quick update on 20x2020 - Oklahoma State Facilities Energy Conservation Program:

Over 100 state agencies, state colleges and technology centers (career tech) are participating. We have a group of participants spearheading the effort leading with implementation of various behavior based energy efficiency strategies. Among these champions are Connors State College, Western Oklahoma State College, Southern Oklahoma Technology Center and Department of Human Services. Some of the large state agencies went through a significant effort of collecting past utility data and details on their facilities. 

There are still some agencies struggling to catch up. As before, I would ask everyone to reach out to their friends and neighbors - state employees - and express your support for their energy efficiency efforts. With your support, this program is expected to save over $100 million of our tax dollars!

All in all, so far state agencies and career techs collected utility bills and building data for over 3,500 facilities. I believe we have 2-3,000 more buildings to add to the program. 

As for people designing and implementing the program, Engineered Systems & Energy Solutions (ES2) is looking for professional to join its Energy Solutions team. You have an opportunity to part of the group, which works with state agencies daily. You can see the job description via the link below:


For more information about 20x2020 program visit http://www.ok.gov/20x2020/

Best regards,

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