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*Come join us on Saturday, April 11th for the 10th Annual Lake
Overholser/Stinchcomb Wildlife Refuge Clean-up! *

This clean-up is part of OKC Beautiful’s Litter Blitz
ODOT Trash-Off (the largest one-day clean-up in the State of Oklahoma), Keep
Oklahoma Beautiful’s (KOB) Great American Clean-Up
and American Rivers’ National River Clean-Up

Because many of us get our drinking water from water that has gone through
the Stinchcomb Wildlife Refuge to Lake Overholser (or to Lake Hefner via
the canal), it is important to keep these areas clean. Clean water is
healthier water so everybody is invited to help us clean the Stinchcomb
Wildlife Refuge and Lake Overholser.

Last year all the hard working volunteers cleaned up about 170 acres of
park & public land, 6 miles of hiking/biking trails, 5 miles of river &
lake shorelines, and 15 acres of wetlands. The volunteers collected about
1160 pounds of trash. But what is more impressive is the amount of
recyclables the volunteers collected! In addition to the trash that was
collected, we were able to recycle about 75 pounds of aluminum, 380 pounds
of scrap metal, about 24 tires, and over 2.95 TONS of glass/plastic/tin!

To continue with this success, there are staff positions with which I need
help. Please let me know what role you would like.

*The various staff positions that I need help with for the clean-up are:*

   - *Sponsor:* This clean-up is community supported. We are always in need
   if you can donate money to cover the costs of the supplies we need to buy
   or if you have something you can donate such as something for our drawing
   or some of the supplies we need.
   - *Team Leader.* Because of the large area, the volunteers are divided
   into several teams.  The number of volunteers in each team depends on how
   many people show up and how much trash there is to clean up. The team
   leader is the one who shows the team where their clean-up area is (I go
   over that ahead of time with the team leader with aerial maps showing
   places to focus on), make sure the volunteers have enough supplies (gloves,
   bags, water) and serve as the contact person in case there is any emergency
   such as somebody getting injured/stung, etc. They also make sure volunteers
   put all trash in black bags, recyclables in white bags, and hazardous
   materials (aerosol cans, syringes, etc.) in clear bags. Then the team
   leader makes sure the bags are gathered in one place for pick-up. For
   supplies, the team leader is in contact with a rover.
   - We need *Rovers* who have a pick-up truck (preferably heavy duty) to
   pick up the trash/recyclables that have been collected and deliver supplies
   such as bags, gloves, and cold beverages. Rovers are typically assigned to
   two or three teams. In addition to dropping off supplies when needed to the
   teams, they put the bags of trash/recyclables in the truck and bring it to
   the roll-offs. The trash goes into one roll-off, tires in one pile, and
   recyclables in another pile. They also have things such as a shovel and
   rope in case they are needed.
   - We need about three off-road rovers who have an ATV with a trailer to
   go into places where vehicles can’t go and bring out the trash and
   - *Kayak Team Leaders.* These leaders need to be familiar with kayaks
   and kayak safety in addition to the general clean-up safety info. I need
   about three “go-to” folks I can refer people to if they want to do the
   clean-up via kayak. Kayakers are needed in Stinchcomb, in Lake Overholser,
   along the North Canadian River on the east side of the jetty in Lake
   Overholser, and some folks south of the Overholser Dam.
   - *Overholser Pavilion Staff* are also needed. They need to arrive early
   to help set up the pavilion, sign in volunteers when they arrive, direct
   late-arriving volunteers to areas of need (I let that person know where
   they are needed), contact me if any media arrive, sort & weigh recyclables
   (i.e. sorting into plastic, glass, aluminum and filling up clear bags with
   sorted items then weighing full bags), and help prepare the lunch (cutting
   toppings for the hamburgers, & picking up the donated lunch items).  This
   is a good position for anybody who has trouble walking around a lot or
   standing since it is mostly a sitting position.
   - I need a couple of *Photographers* who travel around and take pictures
   of the various teams as they are working as well as group shots of teams. I
   also need photos showing items donated from our sponsors. These shots
   should also show interesting items that the teams find.
   - *Post clean-up volunteers* are needed to help clean up the Pavilion
   and load up supplies.
   - I also need as many people as possible to help out with *prize
   solicitation* any time between now and the clean-up. One of the best
   ways of getting people to volunteer for the clean-up and thanking them for
   participating is the raffle we have at lunchtime. Every clean-up volunteer
   puts their name in a box and there is a drawing for all the prizes that
   have been donated.

   This is very labor intensive for me so many hands make light work. It
   involves going to various businesses, explain what the clean-up is, when it
   is, and asking them if they can help support this event by donating
   something for the raffle. My goal is to try to have as many raffle items as
   there are volunteers. Even if you can’t help out with the clean-up on April
   11, you can help support the clean-up by helping to get raffle items or

On April 11th, volunteers will meet at *8:30 a.m. at the Overholser
Pavilion* which is located around N.W. 14th and East Overholser Drive in
Oklahoma City (35o 29’ 00” N; 97o 39’ 51.3” W). Every volunteer will need
to complete the attached volunteer form. For volunteers under the age of
18, consent is needed from either a parent or legal guardian. Some
volunteers will also be needed from 12:30 – 5:00 to help sort recyclables
and pack up supplies from the clean-up.

Volunteers should wear sturdy shoes, a hat, sturdy gloves, insect
repellant, and sunscreen. The clean-up will be held whether rain or shine.
After cleaning up assigned areas, volunteers will meet back at the
Overholser Pavilion at 12:30 p.m. for a free lunch. There will be a drawing
for free prizes during lunch. Lunch is BBQ from Earl’s Rib Place

This clean-up has been made possible with financial support from Oklahoma
Clean Lakes & Watersheds Association (OCLWA)
. OKC Kayaks
be donating use of their kayaks for the flotilla to clean the waterways in
Overholser & Stinchcomb. This clean-up also receives in-kind donations
from *Pepsi
Bottling Group*, the *City of Oklahoma City*, and *Waste Management*.

I have attached some additional information about the clean-up, the
volunteer form, and a map showing where we will be meeting. Please share
this info with others you know. Also, we would really appreciate if you
have something you can donate.

*Here are things that we need:*

ô  Prize for the raffle

ô  Use of your truck on clean-up day (if you have one & are willing to be a

ô  Use of an ATV & trailer

ô  Monetary donations to cover costs like the box truck we have to rent
this year that is big enough to hold all the aluminum/scrap metal I’ll take
for recycling the following Monday

ô  Food items such as doughnuts, fruit, toppings for the burgers (cheese,
lettuce, tomatoes, mayo, mustard, ketchup, avocado)

There are so many things for just one person to do so the more you can
help, the better it will be for everybody.

We hope you choose to join us and help us rid Lake Overholser and the
Stinchcomb Wildlife Refuge of trash and restore these areas to their
natural beauty!

Thank you very much and please get the word out!


Karen Miles

Clean-Up Coordinator

Friends of Lake Overholser/Stinchcomb Wildlife Refuge

7716 N.W. 6th

Oklahoma City, OK 73127

(405) 702-8192

FriendsOfLakeOverholser at Cox.net


Photos from the 2014 clean-up can be found at:

Come join u​s for the 10th annual clean-up of Lake Overholser and the
Stinchcomb Wildlife Refuge on April 11th 2015 beginning at 8:30am at the
Lake Overholser Pavilion!

*"The care of rivers is not a question of rivers, but of the human heart."*

   -- *Tanaka Shozo*
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