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Take action now!  OGE is trying to make it virtually impossible for 
people to manage their electric bills by managing their usage, due to 
the proposed addition of a "demand charge" which will be based on the 15 
minute segment of "highest demand" during the month.  How any individual 
person could figure that out is beyond my understanding, and that's 
likely the purpose.

Another issue I see is the doubling of the basic charge which everyone 
pays before kilowatt hour charges are added.  What this means is that 
OGE is shifting costs away from the kilowatt hour charge and loading 
them onto the basic charge.  That effectively means that lower usage 
customers are subsidizing the higher usage customers.  The fair way to 
deal with basic costs is to amortize them over all the units sold by the 
company.  That's what a normal company does.  but OGE is not a normal 
company, it is a coercively maintained monopoly.  So they are free to 
politicize their rate systems by giving favorite treatment to the large 
customers and penalizing the low usage customers.

OGE claims that since they are lowering their fuel charges, the net 
effect of this will only be about seven dollars customer. Leaving aside 
the detail that seven dollars in some households is a gallon of milk and 
two or three loaves of bread, anyone who is betting on perpetually low 
natural gas prices will live to rue that day.  People should not be 
deceived into thinking that the present low price of natural gas and oil 
will be true perpetually into the future.  High natural gas prices will 
return, and then that "seven dollar net increase" may become a 14, or 
21, or 28, or 35 or even more dollar increase.

What OKC really needs to do is to kick out OGE and go for municipal 
power.  If OGE continues to abuse its rate payers, more people will 
become interested in this option.

Bob Waldrop, okie City

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Subject: 	Tell Corp Commisision NO to OG&# rate increase, letter to Ed 
provides talking points
Date: 	Sun, 5 Jun 2016 19:46:38 -0500
From: 	Jody Harlan <hwinc at cox.net>
CC: 	Jody Gross <grossj5715 at gmail.com>, Jody Gross 
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Read the latest letter to the editor against OG&E’s $92 million rate 
increase from Sierra Club member Jody Gross. The OK Corporation 
Commission is deciding right now about raising your monthly utility 
rates and adding a tariff (tax) for homeowners invested in solar or wind 
generation. Jody gives us the talking points we need to influence this 
decision. See two links below. Scroll down for the text. And call to the 
commissioners to ask for the 3^rd NO vote. Please share with  five 
friends or family members and ask them to call on Monday. Thank you.

Commissioner Todd Hiett

405-521-2264 <tel:405-521-2264> t.hiett at occemail.com 
<mailto:t.hiett at occemail.com>

Chairman Bob Anthony

405-521-2261 <tel:405-521-2261> b.anthony at occemail.com 
<mailto:b.anthony at occemail.com>

Vice Chairman Dana Murphy

405-521-2267 <tel:405-521-2267> d.murphy at occemail.com 
<mailto:d.murphy at occemail.com>



*http://sde.ok.gov/sde/accreditation-standards-division#First Year*

*OG&E's potentially damaging proposal *

by *Your View -- Letter to the Editor* <http://newsok.com/more/letters> 
Published: June 5, 2016

OG&E is again asking the Oklahoma Corporation Commission for a $92 
million rate increase. OG&E wants to double the subscriber rate, which 
is the rate you pay before you even turn on one light switch. Oklahomans 
are already facing cuts to their government services, schools and 
colleges. Every parent in the state will have to make up some of the 
difference. In addition, the Legislature just voted to cut the earned 
income tax credit — money that goes to help people who work full time 
but earn so little they often have to choose between

Choosing to increase the subscriber fee will be most damaging to people 
who use the least amount of energy, like my husband and me. We are 
carefully saving everything we can to put toward retirement.  We turn 
off the lights when we leave the room, we turn down the heat and we try 
not to use the air conditioner, but now all that will be in vain. If 
OG&E is successful in increasing the subscriber fee, we will no longer 
have control over a substantial portion of our electric bill. This 
decision will make choosing to insulate your home and install solar 
panels seem foolish.

*Joanne Gross, Piedmont*




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