[Ok-sus] Comments needed! Day 134 of OG&E's self-given interim rate increase: time for action!

Bob Waldrop bob at bobwaldrop.net
Fri Nov 11 17:16:58 UTC 2016

Because the Corporation Commission has not ruled on OG&E's application 
for a rate increase, the utility is allowed to give itself a rate 
increase!  This is very unfair to consumers.  It's time to demand that 
the Corporation Commission do its job.

One of the details of the rate increase is an increase of the base rate 
from $13 to $26/month.  This is part of a long term process of shifting 
the costs of electrical distribution onto those least able to pay (the 
poor, the elderly) and away from those who benefit the most (large users 
of electricity, who are mostly big businesses and industries).

Please go to the Corporation Commission website and file a comment 
demanding that they make a ruling in the rate case and oppose the rate 
increase and the base rate increase.

Make your comments to the web site: 
http://www.occeweb.com/AspxForms/UtilityCase.aspx and enter case 
#201500273. Your comments will become part of the public record on this 

Below is my comment, but please do not copy and paste my comment at 
their website. Use your own words! How will this impact you and people 
you know!

Bob Waldrop, Oklahoma City

Because you have delayed making a ruling, OGE has awarded itself a rate 
increase!  It seems to me that it is the job of the Corporation 
Commission to make a ruling on rate cases, and to let a rate increase go 
through because you have delayed your ruling, well, that's an abdication 
of your responsibility.

Our organization strongly opposes the proposal to double the base rate.  
We deliver food to people in need who don't have transportation. So we 
see some of the poorest of the poor in Oklahoma City.  Many of these 
people are seniors, living alone, in small, not well insulated houses or 
apartments.  For these people, their utility bills can be a serious 
problem.  The resources available from the charitable sector to help 
them are seriously not sufficient for the needs.  By doubling the base 
rate, you punish those who use small amounts of electricity, which is 
the poor.

This ironic, because in the case where OGE is wanting to punish those 
who invest in roof top solar or backyard wind power, by adding onerous 
surcharges onto their bills, OGE argues that this is necessary to 
"protect the poor."  Well, if they are so interested in helping and 
protecting the poor, why are they demanding this rate increase and in 
particular, this doubling of the base rate?  It's like their proposal is 
designed to grind the face of the poor into the dust.

Please do your job! Turn back this self imposed rate increase!
Bob Waldrop, Oscar Romero Catholic Worker House

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