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Leonelli, Sabina S.Leonelli at exeter.ac.uk
Wed Jun 6 05:33:42 CDT 2012

Dear SPSP-ers,

I was asked to forward some information (below) about a Canadian initiative of great relevance to SPSP, especially in view of our upcoming 2013 meeting in Toronto.


Situating Science Strategic Knowledge Cluster in Canada Spring 2012 Update

7 years. 6 Nodes. 4 Themes
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With the 7-year Situating Science Strategic Knowledge Cluster in Canada coming to an end in 2014, the Cluster Management Committee is concretizing measures to facilitate the opening of a permanent national centre for STS/HPS. Over the next two years, the Cluster will facilitate stakeholder think-tank strategy session(s) with the Toronto Node at York University. The national centre will be responsible for continuing and expanding upon the Cluster's work in building linkages with other institutions with the aim of becoming a world-class attraction for strategic research and dissemination. In the interim, the Cluster will continue to pursue opportunities with international partners and facilitate sustainable collaborative work with existing and new Canadian partners.
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