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*Models and Mechanisms:*

*Special Focus on Cognitive Science*

*Thursday 6 - Friday 7 December 2012*

Tilburg University, The Netherlands


*Keynote Speakers:*

Peter Machamer <http://www.pitt.edu/~pkmach/index.html> (HPS, Pittsburgh)

Iris van Rooij <http://www.nici.ru.nl/~irisvr/> (Nijmegen, Donders

Andreas Hüttemann<http://uk-online.uni-koeln.de/cgi-bin/show.pl/page?uni=1&i_nr=26&f_nr=4&id=5597>(Cologne)


The development of models and the investigation of mechanisms are often
deeply related across scientific research, and modelling can play a range
of roles in directing research into mechanisms. While recent years have
witnessed an increasing amount of interest by philosophers and by
scientists alike in the distinctive roles that models and mechanisms play
in scientific explanation, many outstanding issues about the relationship
between models, investigations of mechanisms and scientific explanation
remain. The aim of this workshop is to address some such outstanding issues
- paying special attention to practice in the cognitive sciences.

Topics of interest include (but are not limited to): how mechanistic models
relate to scientific explanation; whether the models used to investigate
mechanisms possess any distinctive properties; how trade-offs in models,
such as between simplicity and realism, fit within a mechanistic approach
to explanation; how mechanistic modelling contributes to questions of
explanation, reduction and scientific realism in specific cases,
particularly in the cognitive sciences.

*Call for papers:*

Papers are welcomed from researchers across philosophy and science
(especially from the cognitive sciences), including papers based on
experimental studies that illustrate the relationship between modeling and
investigating mechanisms. The conference language is English.

Authors are invited to submit an abstract of 100 words and an extended
abstract of 1000 words. To submit, please prepare your abstracts for blind
review, and save your extended abstract as a PDF file. Then follow this
link: Submission
When logged in, go to the new submission page. Include your 100 words
abstract and upload the PDF file of your extended abstract. You will be
able to revise your submission any number of times before the deadline (10
September 2012). Please feel free to contact the
organizers<mm2012 at easychair.org>with any questions you may have.

* *

*Dates and Deadlines:*

10 September 2012: *Abstract submission*

12 October 2012: *Notification of acceptance*

12 November 2012: *Registration deadline*

6-7 December 2012: *Workshop*

*Program Committee:*

Anouk Barberousse
Paris/HSE, Lille)

Matthias Bethge <http://www.cin.uni-tuebingen.de/research/bethge.php> (CIN,

Carl Craver <http://philosophy.artsci.wustl.edu/people/Carl_Craver>(Washington
University, St Louis)

Lindley Darden <http://www.philosophy.umd.edu/Faculty/LDarden/> (Maryland)

Marcus Eronen<http://www.ruhr-uni-bochum.de/philosophy/staff/newen/mitarbeiter/eronen/index.html>(Bochum)

Roman Frigg <http://www.romanfrigg.org/> (LSE)

Cyrille Imbert <http://poincare.univ-nancy2.fr/Presentation/?contentId=6717>(CNRS,

Tarja Knuuttila<https://tuhat.halvi.helsinki.fi/portal/en/persons/tarja-tellervo-knuu(39e3abc6-69cd-4ff4-b6a8-c49d7f7f0f47).html>(TINT,

Mark Sprevak <https://sites.google.com/site/msprevak/> (Edinburgh)

Catherine Stinson <http://www.hps.pitt.edu/profile/stinson.php> (Pittsburgh
HPS / CIN,Tuebingen)

Matty Chalk <http://homepages.inf.ed.ac.uk/s0792465/Main.html> (ENS / Paris)

*Organizers:* Matteo Colombo<http://www.ppls.ed.ac.uk/people/matteo-colombo>,
TiLPS – Tilburg,  Liz
CIN - Tuebingen

The conference is generously supported by the NWO Internationalisation
grant on Modeling in the Social and Behavioral
awarded to TiLPS.
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