[UCUC] What's coming up

John Morton jwm at angrymonkey.net.nz
Thu Jul 21 02:18:41 CDT 2011

* Sunday 24th July:

Last day to register a team for the next social league, which starts next 
Wednesday (ie, there is no break between them!). So far I have:

Mrs Crudline
Kaotic Kreature

Email to confirm your team is playing again, along with your current team 
register (which has almost certainly changed since the last time I saw it). 

Also let me know if there are time slots that don't suit you, and if you need 
more players.

* Monday 25th July: 

Last day to pay the early bird fee of $40 for Disc Wars. Make with the clicky 
and register:

* Monday 1st August: 

Last day to RSVP and pay for the Awards Dinner

* Wednesday 3rd August: 

Last day to pay and register for Disc Wars! 

* Saturday 13th August:

Disc Wars during the day, Awards Dinner in the evening.

* Sunday 14th August: 

Second day of Disc Wars


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