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great news Isaac!

On 2010-12-12, at 8:00 PM, Isaac Rosen-Purcell wrote:

> Hi all,
> I have been talking to my family about getting some tools from my late grandfathers work shop.And they all agree that he would have liked his tool to go to an organization like ours. So they have agree to lend some of them to VCL for a year (to see how we do as an organization) and possibly longer after that. The tools that we have talked about are a Table Saw, a Band Saw, a Belt Sander, a Work Table, a Chop Saw, a Dust Collection System, and possibly a bunch of hand tools. Couple of the family members would like to use Norm´s tools time to time and if they where going to use the space on more regular bases they would be willing to pay the membership fee. 
> These are all really goods tools so I think this is a great deal. Its really more than a deal its great boon to us.
> We have meeting this Tuesday at 7pm at VCL,
> Here are some agenda items if you have any Items you want to add this well be good time to do it.
> Before the meeting i well be there early if any one who has question about VCL or want to become a member.
> Updates
>     Bank
>     Fund-raising
>       Kick-starter
>       Party
>       Grants
> Meetings
>       structure
>       length
>       dates 
> Norm´s Tools
> Savaging party
> Shop Building party
> See ya Tuesday
> P.S.
> Bring your keys for i am going to have number punch so the key can be numbered.
> -- 
> Isaac 
> Rosen Purcell
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