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Besides advertising, what can we do to help?  Build something?

On Fri, Apr 8, 2011 at 2:22 PM, Rebecca Geddes <darageddes at gmail.com> wrote:

> Dear All Lovely People,
> Hopefully you all got my last email about my friend Pat playing a house
> show for my place this coming April 14th at 8pm..
> Money raised will go to the lab so I need everyone and anyone who can to
> spread the word and also lend a helping hand.
> If you are interested in performing or setting up some of your art, please
> let me know also..
> So I am hoping you can all me to facebook
> Rebecca Geddes
> darageddes at gmail.com
> or just go to the FB event page ( i made it public so it should work...)
> Warmth
> Rebecca
> PS here is the details of the event
> Clear your schedule!! Come gather at my humble abode and join in the
> festivities that include talented musicians, lovely artists and daring
> performance pieces!
> My lovely and talented friends Pat lePoidevin and Matt are coming into town
> and will be playing a house show at Thurs April 14 .During this twilight
> show there will also be a conglomeration of artists making murals,
> performances outside and shadow puppets a plenty.
> There is a cover of what you can donate at the door ($5 and up at the door)
> with also tickets for keg beer, wine and my famous homemade Chai. Money made
> will be donate to the Vancouver Community Lab, a wondeCful group where we
> have created a gathering place for like-minded makers, hackers, artists and
> tinkerers who want to have an open and accessible workshop in which to
> create, destroy and re-build.
> So come with an open mind and heart and be part of some art and listen to
> some great music!
> My address
> 2942 E Georgia St, east vancouver
> starts at 8-9pm
> see you all there!
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