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Hi all,
I also have a Myford lathe, and it also needs some work to get it in working order.  I talked to a fellow who was helpful on the phone.  He makes house calls if you want and said he'd be happy to have someone looking over his shoulder and he'd explain what he was doing as he did it.  He is Dave (don't know his last name) at Tancot Equipment and Tools, 604-454-8844, in Maple Ridge.  His charge is $80/hour and said he figured it'd take about 2 hours to go through the set up.

If you ask Dave to make a house call, please let me know.  I'd help with the cost if I can participate.  George, 604-790-6125.
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  Hey everyone:

  I showed up for the open house at the beginning of the month and also came
  by on Wednesday to check things out.

  I'm very interested in becoming a member and I'd love to bring some of my
  tools into the shop for everyone's enjoyment.

  One of the things I'm very interested in the the situation with the Myford
  ML lathe in the corner.  I understand that it needs to be setup and
  calibrated properly but beyond that I don't know what the status of this
  tool is.

  I've got a few projects that would be facilitated by access to a metal
  lathe and in that vein I'd like to offer my services to assist in setting
  it up.  I've got a fair amount of shop experience and would gladly
  contribute my time to make this happen, but at the same time I don't want
  to step on anyone's toes in the process.

  If someone could let me know what's going on with the lathe I'd appreciate
  it greatly.  It's a nice tool and I'd like to see it working.

  I'd also like to know if I could come by for the build night this Thursday,
  as last time I cam by there was nobody to give my money to and I'd like to
  pitch in.

  Thanks, hope to hear from you soon.

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