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Final Marching Band Fee is Past Due - Please make your final Marching Band
payment today.


July 22 & 29 - Rehearsal at normal time (9:00-11:00)


August 1 - Grand Haven Coast Guard Festival Parade


Clean Uniforms Required for Parades - Some dirty uniforms are showing up at
the parades.  Please make sure your uniform is clean for the parade.


Uniforms must be turned in by August 1 - We will be collecting uniforms
after the parade in Grand Haven. If you will not be marching in the Grand
Haven Parade please turn in your uniform at Wednesday's rehearsal.


Sign up for Pictures and videos of the Gatlinburg trip - Stop by the
Information Table to sign up for the Gatlinburg photo & video disks.  There
will be 5 disks available for purchase.  1) Whitewater Rafting photos of all
rafts on the whitewater trip  2) Float trip photos of all rafts on the float
trip  3) Whitewater rafting video of all rafts on the whitewater rafting
trip  4) Gatlinburg Parade Video  5) Candid photo shots of trip
participants, activities and events taken by professional photographers.
Purchased separately the cost is $8/disk.  Save 25% by purchasing all 5
disks for $30! 


Please do us a favor?  WMHFA spent hundreds of dollars to obtain all
pictures and videos of the trip to save band members money.  Will you
consider purchasing the disks from WMHFA rather than sharing copies with
someone else?  We have kept the price reasonable for you and you in turn
will help us cover the cost.  If there is a profit made on the sale of the
disks, it will be applied to the excess expenses of the trip.


Beginning Band and Orchestra for Home School Families

Beginning Band and Orchestra is for students with little or no musical
training on a chosen instrument.  To participate in Beginning Band or
Orchestra, students must be at least 9 years old and attend a Music Guidance
Survey and an Instrument Fitting.  The Music Guidance Survey is a test to
determine your child's musical aptitude.  The Instrument Fitting is a time
for your child to see and play all the different instruments that are
available under the direction of trained personnel.  With the information
gathered at the Music Guidance Survey and Instrument Fitting, we are better
able to determine what instrument your child would enjoy playing based on
their aptitudes, abilities, and desire.


The Music Guidance Survey and the Instrument Fittings will be conducted at
the Home School Building on July 22, and August 26 at 1:00 p.m.  Come to the
session that best fits your schedule.  (Session will last about 2 hours)  If
you already have an instrument, please bring it to the fitting.


Note:  Beginning Band Percussion students must have at least 2 years
experience on piano / keyboard within the past three (3) years.  Piano
audition is required.



Quality Used Instruments for Sale - Looking for a good quality inexpensive
used instrument?  Contact Wendy March at swmarch at charter.net or
(616)794-2332.  Here is a sample of instruments available:


Selmer Signet Oboe - $450

King Trumpet - $250

Yamaha Trumpet - $250

Yamaha Alto Sax - $450

Yamaha Silver Flute - $275

Bundy Flute - $285

Selmer Wooden Clarinet with new pads - $350

Double French Horn - $550

Pearl Snare Drum - $150



Trumpet for Sale - Getzen trumpet - $250.The model # is R38285 from the
Getzen 300 series. It is brass. It comes with case, straight mute, cup mute,
two music books, a cleaning kit, and a marching lyre and flipbook.  Contact
Matt VanEssen at sticks1983 at gmail.com 

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