[WMHFA-news] The Yearbooks are In!!

Jackie Haverdink imagesbyjh at yahoo.com
Tue Apr 19 19:26:49 CDT 2011

The yearbooks will be at the HSB tomorrow morning!  

I will be there first thing so you can get your book right away and your student 
can have his/her friends sign it.   (You are welcome to come to the HSB on the 
27th to have more friends sign your book- just please come before or after the 
classes meet- don't interrupt precious rehearsal time.  Another option is 
to sign the books before/after the concerts.  Again, please don't do it while 
you're supposed to be warming up or listening to  other groups.)

For those that didn't order a yearbook, you can peek at one, and if you'd like 
to purchase your own, there will be about 20 extras for sale for $33 on a 
first-come basis.  

Congratulations go out to Lexie Townsend for having her drawing on the front 
cover and Faith Vander Boon's on the back cover!  :)  

See you tomorrow.

Mrs. Haverdink
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