[Zato-discuss] [ANN] Zato 1.1 - ESB and app server in Python

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Sun Jun 2 20:48:04 UTC 2013


I'm very happy to let you know that Zato 1.1 has just been released.

*What is Zato*

Zato is a lightweight, yet complete, ESB (Enterprise Service Bus) and 
app server in Python designed for creating middleware applications and 
systems of systems.

Zato is open-source software released under a commercial-friendly LGPL 

The project's site is at https://zato.io
Read more about what ESB is at https://zato.io/docs/intro/esb-soa.html

*Release notes*

This release is based on feedback from early adopters and includes a 
number of improvements to help first time users get started more easily.

An important addition in 1.1 is a unified installer for OS X, Ubuntu, 
Mint and Fedora.

Special thanks to Myroslav Opyr (quintagroup.com) for all his 
suggestions and code patches and to a vocal group of OS X users 
(https://github.com/zatosource/zato/issues/41) who helped create the OS 
X installer!

Download: https://zato.io/downloads.html
Migrating from 1.0: https://zato.io/docs/admin/guide/migrating.html
Changelog: https://zato.io/docs/project/changelog.html

Unfortunately, this release doesn't add an installer for RHEL and SLES. 
Confronted with a choice between delaying 1.1 and adding support for OS 
X and Fedora, I had to make a call and chose the latter.


* Unified installer for Ubuntu, Mint, Fedora and OS X

* Added the zato check-config command

* Fixed a bug which lead to double execution of user-defined scheduler jobs

* Made quickstart clusters more robust when confronted with improperly 
configured servers, sanity checks are now performed before servers are 

* Changed the default value of main.deployment_lock_expires so it works 
on 32-bit systems without a need for reconfiguring servers after they’re 

* Made scripts generated by zato quickstart relocatable

* Newly created servers start CPU_COUNT gunicorn workers by default now, 
not CPU_COUNT * 2 as previously

* HAProxy load-balancer can now bind to all interfaces. Patch provided 
by Myroslav Opyr (quintagroup.com).


Dariusz Suchojad

The next generation ESB and application server. Open-source. In Python.

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